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Light Care International FZE (LCI) is established since 1998 and is specialized in Advanced Medical Lasers. Its international headquarters is based in British Virgin Islands. Middle East operations are conducted by its subsidy in the U.A.E, Light Care International FZE. The company is owned and directed by Dr. Taher H. Khalil. He is a reputable Reproductive Endocrinologist, Fellow of American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and Scientist in the fields of applied aesthetics and laser technologies. He is the co-founder of Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center (SULTARC).

Based in Dubai, which is the business hub for the middle east. The company is well positioned to market and distribute its products in Gulf Region namely UAE, Bahrain ,Qatar and Oman. Further to this, Dr Taher H Khalil is reputable in the area particularly with Dermatologists and Gynecologists and the fact of having an up to date clinical facility enables him to provide lectures and demonstrations through the years. The Commercial Division of LCI has always joined major exhibitions in Dermatology, Dentistry and Gynecology with large, impressive and well-designed exhibition stands in the name of FOTONA/LCI, for the purpose of branding of Fotona. Further to this, LCI is conducting regular ‘LCI Open Day’ events to keep customer awareness in remote areas.