Abou Light Care International

Dr. Taher H. Khalil

Light Care International

Countries: UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iraq & Pakistan.

Commercial Division

Light Care International FZE (LCI) is established since 1998 and is specialized in advanced Medical Lasers. Its international headquarters is based in British Virgin Islands. Middle East operations are conducted by its subsidy in the U.A.E, Light Care International FZE. The company is owned and directed by Dr. Taher H. Khalil. He is a reputable Reproductive Endocrinologist, Fellow of American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and Scientist in the fields of applied aesthetics and laser technologies. He is the co-founder of Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center (SULTARC). Based in Dubai, which is the business hub for the middle east. The company is well positioned to market and distribute its products in Gulf Region namely UAE, Bahrain ,Qatar and  Oman. Further to this, Dr Taher H Khalil is reputable in the area particularly with Dermatologists and Gynecologists and the fact of having an up to date clinical facility enables him to provide lectures and demonstrations through the years. The Commercial Division of LCI has always joined major exhibitions in Dermatology, Dentistry and Gynecology with large, impressive and well-designed exhibition stands in the name of FOTONA/LCI, for the purpose of branding of Fotona. Further to this, LCI is conducting regular ‘LCI Open Day’ events to keep customer awareness in remote areas.


The Vision of LCI is to promote and market only advanced products of proven scientific merit and of high standards of performance and specifications. As we believe in specialization, LCI markets and distributes only FOTONA products.

Academic Division

The Academic Division of LCI supervises in-depth training, regular workshops and continued education of end-users as well as our own staff. International experts in different laser fields are invited at regular intervals to provide lectures and demonstrations of newer techniques and products. Full time staff, dedicated for events’ management of the Academic Division. LCI is proud to have exclusive agreement with University of Sharjah (UOS) where we founded and directed Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center (SULTARC). The impact of this institution on training, marketing and sales of Fotona equipment reaches as far as Arabian Gulf Region, Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya & Sudan. 2 Light Care International Company Updates The scientific and training activity of the company through its clinic facility and SULTARC provides : a) Enormous training and promotion of our products for customers in our territory b) Training of customers from Kuwait, Jordan , Lebanon , Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which helped our colleague distributors to do sales or after sales support. c) Influencing licensing strategies of Department of Health Authorities through our association with University of Sharjah which enabled the removal of licensing restrictions and lately re-opened the market after 3 years of restrictions

Clinical Division

The Clinical Division of LCI provides treatment services by our trained staff to customers as well as to our trade partners and serve as model center and training facility for our customers.

Our Team

Our Staff

  • Dr. Taher H. Khalil


  • Yazan Awwad

    Chief Engineer

  • Jerome P. Ibarra

    Service Engineer

  • Eric E. Rosano

    Service Engineer

  • Kit C. Aranas

    Service Engineer

  • Maria Dimacali

    Business Coordinator

  • Marissa Gonzales

    Customer Service Executive